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BUFMAR, Bureau des Formations Médicales Agréees du Rwanda is a faith-based organization, founded in 1975 by Catholic and Protestant churches.  The intent was to set up an organization that will stand for churches to coordinate their respective health facilities all over the country.  With a good will to promote community wellbeing, churches had created hospitals and health centers registered as church promoted but dispensing health services to the population on the same level as the fully public government created ones. A convention regulating management and ownership of these facilities was   established between churches and The Ministry of Health.


BUFMAR is registered as an NGO in accordance with the law No 20/2000 of 26/07/2000 and law No. 04/2012 of 17/02/2012.

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The main objective of the organization is to contribute, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, to the mission of health for all, by making available pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, hence strengthening and overseeing faith-based health facilities.


BUFMAR position into the National Supply Chain

BUFMAR was given a mission of being one of the  Central medical suppliers according to Ministerial order No 20/1658/PTF/2007  of 15th June 2007 and corresponding amendments that came in there after   on procurement and Distribution of medicines and other medical supplies on National Territory.


BUFMAR brings together  thirteen member churches.




  1. Number of District Hospitals (18) and Health Centres (138) countrywide in different Provinces and districts of the country

  2.  As per the organizational structure, BUFMAR is governed by the following statutory organs:

  3.  - The General Assembly

  4.  -  The Board of Directors,

  •  The Supervisory Committee and

  • The commission in charge of conflict resolution

The Daily Management is governed by the Director General



BUFMAR has 32 staff members distributed into 3 directorates

The office of the Director general and the DG Administrative Assistant together with:

  • The Technical Directorate

  • The Directorate of Finance and Administration and

  • The Directorate of Medical Coordination, Partnership and Development.



BUFMAR is involved in the supply chain system of the country as one of t main central medical stores.

-It’s zone of intervention is country wide whereby the distribution activities are conducted through 30 branches of the Government Supply Institution as well as Referral and University Teaching Hospitals

- Furthermore, BUFMAR has a mandatory role of coordinating faith-based health facilities created by members and facilitating advocacy initiatives with the aim of achieving better welfare of communities.

-BUFMAR operational financing comes from revenues generated through the supply system activities and opportunities of funded projects.


BUFMAR is given a mission of contributing to the wellbeing of the Rwandese population by making available high-quality health services.


The vision of BUFMAR is to be a strategic representative  of  member churches in  management of the partnership with the government in health system strengthening.

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